What is glass insulation film? How to maintain it?

November 16, 2022

Glass insulation film is a new type of energy-saving building materials. The film attached to the glass surface can play the role of heat insulation, heat preservation, anti-glare, decoration, privacy protection, safety and explosion-proof, a kind of PET functional film. Glass insulation film can block 45-85% of direct solar heat into the room in summer, winter can reduce more than 30% of the heat loss; When the glass is broken, the debris can be tightly stuck on the surface of the glass insulation film, keep the original shape, no splash, no deformation; At the same time, the glass insulation film can withstand the high temperature of more than 500 degrees, which can effectively prevent the cause of fire and avoid harm to the human body. The better quality glass insulation film can block glare and 99% UV.

Glass insulation film maintenance
1. Do not move the glass within 3 days after the glass insulation film is installed.
2. Do not scrub the coated glass with water within 15 days after the glass insulation film is installed.
3. Do not use suction cups to hang or use adhesives to fix any items on the laminated glass, and do not paste adhesive decorations on the glass insulation film.
4. Gently and evenly spray the surface of the glass insulation film with a cleaning agent that does not contain ammonia, and then gently dry the glass with a clean, soft cotton cloth or paper towel. Cotton cloth and paper towel often need to be wring out. If the stain is not cleaned, spray the cleaning solution again, and use soft rubber wiper to wipe the glass insulation film from the top to the water until dry. Dry the edges of the glass film with a towel.
5, glass insulation film because of the use of adhesive tape, post-it note or decal paper, remove the residual glue or adhesive when these materials, soft clean cotton dipped in acetone < nail polish remover > gently scrub the contaminated area, you can quickly completely remove the residual adhesive on the glass film, a small amount of acetone will not damage polyvinegar film, But can immediately dissolve and completely evaporate viscose and most spray paint.