How to choose a shutter window

November 11, 2022

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The assembly of the louver window has two installation methods: dark and bright. When buying, you need to measure the size of the shutters according to different assembly methods. The louver window is covered in the window grid. Its length should be the same as the height of the window, but the width is reduced by 1 to 2 cm than each of the windows.If the shutters are hung outside the window, then its length should be about 10 cm in length than the window height, and the width is about 5 cm width than the two sides of the window to ensure that it has a good shading effect. In general, small rooms such as kitchen and toilet are suitable for dark louver window, while large rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, and study rooms are more suitable for using bright louver window.

Discern Quality

The leaves of the louver window are an important part of the closet window. When you are selected to buy a shutter, it is best to touch whether the louver window leaves are smooth and even to see if each blade will be wool. Generally speaking, the quality of the louver with excellent quality is well handled in the details of the leaves, especially the shutters made of plastic, wooden blocks, and bamboo pieces. If the texture is better, its service life will be longer.

Confirm the Color

The leaves, all accessories include wire racks, regulatory rods, pull lines, small accessories on the regulating stick, etc. The color must be consistent.

Check the Smoothness

Feel the smoothness of the leaves and the rack with your hands. The quality of good quality products is smooth and flat, with a feeling of stabbing hands.

Test the Opening and Closing Function

The rotating adjustment rod to open the blade. Each blade should maintain a good level, that is, the spacing distance between the blades is well -proportioned, and the leaves are kept straight. When the blades are closed, each blade should be consistent with each other without leakage.

Check the Anti-deformation

After the blades are opened, you can use your hand to press the blade with the force to turn the blades bent down, and then quickly let go. If the blades will return to the horizontal state quickly, and the phenomenon of bending does not appear, it indicates that the quality is qualified.

Test automatic locking function.

When the blades are closed, the thread is pulled, and the leaf can be rolled up. At this time, pull the line to the right, the blade should be automatically locked, keeping the corresponding rolling state, neither continues to roll nor loose. Otherwise, there is a problem with the lock function.