• Paper Faced 6-18mm Gypsum Ceiling Boards , Gypsum Sheet Ceiling
  • Paper Faced 6-18mm Gypsum Ceiling Boards , Gypsum Sheet Ceiling
  • Paper Faced 6-18mm Gypsum Ceiling Boards , Gypsum Sheet Ceiling
  • Paper Faced 6-18mm Gypsum Ceiling Boards , Gypsum Sheet Ceiling
Paper Faced 6-18mm Gypsum Ceiling Boards , Gypsum Sheet Ceiling

Paper Faced 6-18mm Gypsum Ceiling Boards , Gypsum Sheet Ceiling

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: FASECbuildings
Certification: EN 1090-2-2018; ISO3834
Model Number: OWN

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 SQM
Price: USD2-5/SQM
Packaging Details: Pallets Packaing or Packing in Bulk (Seaworthy packings into container or bulk vessel)
Delivery Time: Based on client's requirement
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 200,000 Square Meter per Month
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Detail Information

Color: White Function: Waterproof, Fireproof
Application: Hotel, Villa, Office Building Thickness: 6-18mm
Surface: Back Side With Foil Paper Coverd Feature: Artistic Ceilings, Honeycomb Ceilings
High Light:

6mm Gypsum Ceiling Boards


18mm Gypsum Ceiling Boards


Paper Faced gypsum sheet ceiling

Product Description

New Type Environmental Protection Building Material For Paper-faced Gypsum Board


Product description:

Paper-faced gypsum board is a board made of building gypsum as the main raw material, mixed with appropriate additives and fibers as the core, and special paperboard as the protective surface, and processed into a board. Paper-faced gypsum board has the characteristics of light weight, sound insulation, heat insulation, strong processing performance, and simple construction method. Paper-faced gypsum board can be divided into four categories: ordinary, water-resistant, fire-resistant and moisture-proof.



There are many types of gypsum board. The common gypsum boards on the market are divided into the following four categories:


Ivory white paper panel core and gray panel core are the most economical and common varieties. It is suitable for use places without special requirements, and the continuous relative humidity of the use place does not exceed 65%. Because of the price, many people like to use 9.5mm thick ordinary gypsum board for ceilings or partitions. However, because 9.5mm ordinary gypsum board is relatively thin and not strong, it is prone to deformation under humid conditions. It is recommended to use gypsum board with a thickness of 12mm or more. At the same time, the use of thicker plates is also an effective means to prevent seams from cracking.

Water resistant

The board core and protective paper have been waterproofed. According to the requirements of the national standard, the paper surface and board core of the water-resistant gypsum board must meet certain waterproof requirements (the surface water absorption is not more than 160 grams, and the water absorption rate is not more than 10 %). Water-resistant gypsum board is suitable for use in places where the continuous relative humidity does not exceed 95%, such as toilets and bathrooms.


Refractory materials and a lot of glass fiber are added to the core of the board. If you cut the gypsum board, you can see a lot of glass fiber from the section. Good-quality fire-resistant gypsum board will use alkali-free glass fiber with good fire-resistant performance, and medium-alkali or high-alkali glass is used for general products.


It has high surface moisture-proof performance, and the surface water absorption rate is less than 160g/㎡. Moisture-proof gypsum board is used for suspended ceilings, partition walls and veneer walls in rooms with high environmental humidity.





As a new type of building material, gypsum board has the following characteristics in performance:

(1) Low production energy consumption and high production efficiency: The energy consumption of producing the same unit of gypsum board is 78% less than that of cement. Moreover, the investment is small, the production capacity is large, the process is simple, and it is convenient for mass production.

(2) Lightweight: Using paper-faced gypsum board as partition wall, the weight is only 1/15 of the brick wall of the same thickness and 1/10 of the block wall, which is conducive to the earthquake resistance of the structure and can effectively reduce the cost of the foundation and the main structure. .

(3) Thermal insulation: About 60% of the gypsum board core is tiny pores. Because the thermal conductivity of air is very small, it has good light-weight thermal insulation performance.

(4) Good fire resistance: Because the gypsum core itself is not combustible, and it will absorb a lot of heat in the process of releasing the water when it meets fire, and delay the rise of the surrounding environment temperature, therefore, the paper-faced gypsum board has good fire resistance and flame retardancy. performance. Tested by the National Fire Testing Center, the fire resistance limit of the gypsum board partition wall can be up to 4 hours.

(5) Good sound insulation performance: a single-layer wall composed of a single lightweight material, such as aerated concrete, expanded perlite board, etc., can only meet the requirements of sound insulation when its thickness is large, and the paper-faced gypsum board partition wall has a unique The cavity structure has good sound insulation performance.

(6) Good decorative function: The surface of the gypsum board is flat, and the joint between the board and the board forms a seamless surface, and the surface can be directly decorated.

(7) Convenient processing and good workability: Paper-faced gypsum board has the properties of nailing, planing, sawing, and sticking. It can be used for interior decoration and can achieve ideal decorative effects. It can be freely used only by cutting knives. Cutting paper-faced gypsum board is very convenient for construction. Using it as a decorative material can greatly improve construction efficiency.

(8) Comfortable living function: Due to the large porosity of gypsum board and proper pore structure distribution, it has high air permeability. When the indoor humidity is high, it can absorb moisture, and when the air is dry, part of the moisture can be released, so it can regulate the indoor humidity to a certain extent. This function of gypsum board is called "breathing" in foreign countries. It is precisely because of the unique "breathing" performance of gypsum board that indoor humidity can be adjusted within a certain range to make living conditions more comfortable.

(9) Green and environmental protection: Paper-faced gypsum board uses natural gypsum and paper as raw materials, and does not contain asbestos harmful to the human body (most calcium silicate boards and cement fiber boards use asbestos as a reinforcing material for the board).

(10) Space saving: paper-faced gypsum board is used as the wall, the thickness of the wall can be as low as 74mm, and the sound insulation and fire resistance of the wall can be guaranteed.

Because paper-faced gypsum board has the advantages of light weight, fire resistance, sound insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation, strong and good workability (planable, nailable, and sawable), convenient construction, good disassembly and assembly performance, and increased use area, so It is widely used in various industrial buildings and civil buildings, especially as interior wall materials and decoration materials in high-rise buildings. Such as: used for non-load-bearing walls, indoor veneers, suspended ceilings, etc. in the cabinet frame structure.



Paper Faced 6-18mm Gypsum Ceiling Boards , Gypsum Sheet Ceiling 0




Paper-faced gypsum board has good toughness, non-combustibility, stable dimensions, flat surface, and can be sawed for easy construction. It is mainly used for suspended ceilings, partition walls, interior wall veneers, ceilings, sound-absorbing panels, etc.

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