• PVDF Aluminum Metal Wall Cladding Panels 4mm 5mm For Building
  • PVDF Aluminum Metal Wall Cladding Panels 4mm 5mm For Building
  • PVDF Aluminum Metal Wall Cladding Panels 4mm 5mm For Building
  • PVDF Aluminum Metal Wall Cladding Panels 4mm 5mm For Building
  • PVDF Aluminum Metal Wall Cladding Panels 4mm 5mm For Building
PVDF Aluminum Metal Wall Cladding Panels 4mm 5mm For Building

PVDF Aluminum Metal Wall Cladding Panels 4mm 5mm For Building

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: FASEC
Certification: EN 1090-2-2018; ISO3834
Model Number: AFC235

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Packaging Details: Standard Seaworthy Packings
Delivery Time: 10 days
Payment Terms: L/C, Western Union, T/T
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Material: PVDF, PE, EXPOXY, PU Thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
Colour: Solid Color, Metallic Color, Brush Color, Mirror, Marble, Wooden Color And Customization
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4mm Aluminium Wall Cladding Panels


PVDF Metal Wall Cladding Panels


Building Aluminum Metal Cladding

Product Description

Introduction of Company
Hangzhou FASEC Window Wall Group has successfully supplied quite a lot of glass windows, doors, aluminum framed glass curtain walls, balustrades etc not only in China, but also around the world. So either Australia standard, British Standard, Europe standard or America standard etc aluminum & glass facade products are in our main research & developing range. We emphasize and encourage constant creation and win the worldwide customers' high recognition and praising.
What are the benefits of a perforated metal facade?
Cladding a building with perforated metal is a very effective way to enliven the facade of what would otherwise be a simple cubed structure. From uniform circular perforations to honeycomb-patterned latticework and mesh, through to three-dimensional forms, perforated cladding has the ability to add depth, texture and intrigue to a facade.
Perforated cladding provides a practical purpose, too. Depending on the size of perforations, the amount of natural light reaching the inside of the building can be managed. Large perforations allow more natural light to pass through the cladding, but still protect buildings that have large glazed elements from direct sunlight. In doing this they reduce the amount of solar gain, mitigating the need for energy intensive air conditioning systems.
Aluminum veneers/wall panels are divided into two types in terms of specifications: aluminum veneers with a thickness of less than 1.2mm are called aluminum gussets (also called aluminum square boards), and aluminum veneers with a thickness of more than 1.5mm are called aluminum veneers. The aluminum veneer curtain wall is made of high-quality and high-strength aluminum alloy plates, the usual thickness is 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0MM, the model is 3003, and the state is H24. Its structure is mainly composed of panels, stiffeners and corners. The corner code can be directly formed by bending and stamping the panel, or riveting the corner code on the small side of the panel. The stiffener is connected with the electric welding screw behind the board (the screw is directly welded on the back of the board) to make it a solid whole, which greatly enhances the strength and rigidity of the aluminum veneer curtain wall, ensuring long-term use Flatness and resistance to wind and earthquake. If sound insulation is required, high-efficiency sound insulation and heat preservation materials can be installed inside the aluminum plate.


Regular Thickness (mm)
Surface Treatment
Aluminum curtain wall panel
Aluminum alloy
1220*2440mm(or according to your request.)
Refer to RAL color chart or wood grain color chart
Powder coating
Heat transfe
The surface of the aluminum veneer curtain wall is generally treated with fluorocarbon spraying after pretreatment such as chromization. Polyvinylidene fluoride resin (kanar500) for fluorocarbon paint topcoat and varnish. Generally divided into two coatings, three coatings or four coatings. Fluorocarbon coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, can resist acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants, has excellent resistance to cold and heat, can resist strong ultraviolet radiation, and can maintain long-term no fading and no chalking ,long lasting. Our company Jinpenglong selects high-quality fluorocarbon coatings from world-renowned fluorocarbon coatings and coatings manufacturers such as ppg, dnt, AKZO, Nippon, etc., with a wide range of colors. Customers can directly select or provide color samples according to the color plates provided by the manufacturer. For a long time, 3mm aluminum veneer has been used as curtain wall material in foreign countries. In order to reduce the weight of aluminum panels and increase the strength of aluminum panels, our country uses aluminum alloy panels, and aluminum panels made of No. 21 anti-rust aluminum code LF21 are often used as curtain wall aluminum panels. The thickness of the aluminum plate is reduced from the original 3mm to 2.5mm, but the strength of the alloy is about twice as high as that of the pure aluminum plate. The material is light and the strength is good. These characteristics have made the production and application of aluminum veneer developed rapidly in my country in recent years. With the continuous development and improvement of production technology, equipment, management, and application level, aluminum veneer has become more and more high-quality material. It has been paid more and more attention by the building curtain wall and building decoration from all walks of life. Especially as a high-quality curtain wall material, it has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life.
PVDF Aluminum Metal Wall Cladding Panels 4mm 5mm For Building 0
1. Light weight, good rigidity, high strength 3.0mm thick aluminum plate weighs 8kg per square plate, tensile strength 100-280n/mm2
2. Good durability and corrosion resistance. PVDF fluorocarbon paint based on kynar-500 and hylur500 can be used for 25 years without fading.
3. Good craftsmanship. The aluminum plate can be processed into a variety of complex geometric shapes such as plane, arc and spherical surface by adopting the process of processing first and then spraying paint.
4. Uniform coating and diverse colors. Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint and aluminum plate adhere uniformly, with various colors and large selection space.
5. Not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain. The non-adhesiveness of the fluorine coating film makes it difficult for contaminants to adhere to the surface, and it has good cleanliness.
6. Convenient and quick installation and construction. The aluminum plate is formed in the factory, and the construction site does not need to be cut, and it can be fixed on the frame.
7. It can be recycled and reused, which is good for environmental protection. Aluminum plate can be recycled, which is different from decorative materials such as glass, stone, ceramics, aluminum-plastic panels, and has a high residual value.

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