• Heat Insulation Soundproof 3mm Double Glass Curtain Wall Skin Ventilated
  • Heat Insulation Soundproof 3mm Double Glass Curtain Wall Skin Ventilated
  • Heat Insulation Soundproof 3mm Double Glass Curtain Wall Skin Ventilated
  • Heat Insulation Soundproof 3mm Double Glass Curtain Wall Skin Ventilated
Heat Insulation Soundproof 3mm Double Glass Curtain Wall Skin Ventilated

Heat Insulation Soundproof 3mm Double Glass Curtain Wall Skin Ventilated

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: Fasecbuildings
Certification: EN 1090-2-2018; ISO3834
Model Number: Hidden Frame

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 300 sqm
Price: USD400-1200 per sqm
Packaging Details: Seaworthy packing in container or bulk vessel
Delivery Time: Based on client's needs like one month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Supply Ability: 600,000 sqm per Year
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Detail Information

Specification: Double Skin Material: Steel And Glass
Color: Customized As Order Installation: Very Easy
Size: According To Client's Need Application: Commercial Building
High Light:

3mm double glass curtain wall


Soundproof double glass curtain wall


Heat Insulation curtain wall panel

Product Description

Heat Insulation Sound Proof Double Skin Ventilated Glass Facade Curtain Wall

The double skin ventilated curtain wall appeared in Europe in the 1990s and is gradually being used, especially in Germany. It is more widely used. It plays a great role in improving the insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation of the curtain wall. It is currently being designed in China Construct a double-layer ventilated curtain wall.


The basic feature of double skin ventilation curtain wall is the double-layer curtain wall and air flow and exchange, so this kind of curtain wall is called double-layer ventilation curtain wall. Double-layer ventilation curtain wall plays a great role in improving the thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation of the curtain wall. It is divided into closed internal ventilation curtain wall and open external ventilation curtain wall. The first curtain wall is suitable for heating areas and has high requirements for equipment. The outer curtain wall is airtight, usually using hollow glass, the aluminum profile of the open frame curtain wall should be thermally insulated aluminum; the inner curtain wall adopts single-layer glass curtain wall or single-layer aluminum doors and windows. In order to improve the energy-saving effect, electric shutters or electric roller shutters are set in the passage. The second kind is opposite to the inner ventilation curtain wall. The inner curtain wall of the open outer ventilation curtain wall is closed and uses hollow glass; the outer curtain wall uses single-layer glass with air inlets and exhaust outlets. Take away the heat and discharge it from the upper air outlet to reduce the influence of solar radiant heat and save energy. It does not require special mechanical equipment, completely relies on natural ventilation, low maintenance and operating costs, is currently the most widely used form. The air outlet of the open external ventilation curtain wall can be opened and closed. The most direct effect of using double-layer ventilation curtain wall is energy saving. The sound insulation effect of using double-layer curtain wall is very significant. The double-layer curtain wall technology is more complicated, and an extra curtain wall is added, and the cost is higher. In addition, because the construction area is calculated from the outer wall skin, the construction area will be lost by 2.5% -3.5%, and the developer pays more attention to this economic indicator. Practical application of double-ventilated curtain wall: Frankfurt Commercial Bank; Warsaw Focus Filtrowa Building; Heidelberg Printing Company Office Building; Berlin East Railway Station; Berlin Auto Club; German Darmstadt Bank Office Building; Frankfurt Allianz Insurance Company, Germany building.



Product Name Double Skin Ventilated Glass Facade Curtain Wall
Advantage Heat Insulation, Sound Proof, Easy Installation
Glass Type Double Glazing or Triple Glazing
Glass Color Customized
Glass Thickness Customized
Frame Type Hidden Frame/Exposed Frame
Frame Thickness 3.0mm for Mullion, 2.0mm for Transom
Application Building Facade
Shape Customer's Drawing




The double-glazed curtain wall is mainly divided into internal circulation and external circulation systems, which have their common points and different points. The common feature is that a greenhouse effect is formed between the double-glazed glass, and the superheated air in the greenhouse in summer is excluded from outdoor The solar thermal energy is controlled to be discharged into the room, so that the winter and summer seasons have a lot of energy. In summer, a sunshade method is necessary to prevent ultraviolet rays and strong heat radiation.


Internal circulation characteristics:

1. The structural design can adopt the form of frame insulation or unit insulation]

2. Generally, the outer glass is hollow tempered, and the inner glass is single tempered

3. Adopting compulsory measures and electronically controlled piping system to exclude most of the hot air from the double-layer closed hot aisle during the summer day. In winter, the heat storage of the greenhouse effect will be transmitted to the indoor through the heating of the pipeline circuit system, and the energy saving effect will be achieved. The thickness of the cavity between the outer layers of the wind is designed to be narrow. Generally within 120-200mm (individually around 400mm).

4. Need to add a sash channel for natural air to enter the room

5. Easy to clean the dust between the double glazing.

6. Fewer materials are used, so the cost is lower.

7. But need to use electronic drive to extract air, it has a lower energy saving rate than the external circulation structure.


Outer circulation characteristics:

1. Its structural design can adopt the form of outer frame, unit or point connection, and the form of inner frame insulation or unit insulating glass insulation.

2. Generally, the outer glass is tempered by single piece or inter-layer, and the inner glass is tempered by hollow (low-e).

3. A natural "smoke tube" effect is adopted, and the hot air in the greenhouse is excluded from the outdoor during the daytime in summer, and the "smoke tube" effect on different floors is different.

4. The thickness of the cavity between the inner and outer layers is thicker, for example, the personnel between the inner and outer layers enter the cleaning work

5. There is no need to add special equipment for natural air to enter the window and the house. The outer curtain wall is designed with air inlets and outlets, and the inner curtain wall is designed to open doors or windows. It should be noted that the entrance and exit should prevent the entry of sand and dust. Outside air enters the air inlet of the cavity and the air outlet after the upper heat and air exchange.

6. The dust between double glazing should be considered for easy cleaning

7. More materials are used, so the cost is higher.


Environmental performance:

The double-layer ventilated curtain wall is different from the traditional single-layer curtain wall, which is composed of inner and outer curtain walls. A relatively closed space is formed between the inner curtain wall and the outer curtain wall. Air enters this space through the lower air inlet and leaves this space from the upper air outlet. This space is called the hot aisle. The air in the hot aisle has always been in Flow state, and continuously exchange heat with the outer surface of the inner curtain wall, so the double-layer through curtain wall is also called hot aisle curtain wall. It changes the structure of the traditional curtain wall, using a non-gluing process to avoid secondary pollution of silicone glue; the outer curtain wall does not require coated glass, and when direct sunlight shines on the glass surface, the glass will not be reflected due to specular reflection Glare, no light pollution; the unique inner and outer double-layer structure of the double-layer curtain wall and one layer of the curtain wall use hollow glass to improve the sound insulation performance of the traditional curtain wall by 20% ~ 40%, the sound insulation amount reaches 50db, and the sound insulation performance reaches international I level , Greatly improved the office or living environment; its dustproof and ventilating function makes it also not affect the window ventilation in severe weather (especially in areas where sandstorms occur), improves indoor air quality, and it also provides high-rise super The possibility of natural ventilation of the curtain wall of high-rise buildings, thus meeting the physical and psychological needs of users to the greatest extent. In terms of energy saving, it is 50% more energy-efficient than the traditional curtain wall, and its thermal insulation performance reaches international level II. It uses uncoated glass to achieve natural light illumination and save electricity. It has dual functions of winter insulation and summer insulation, which effectively reduces the use of air conditioning. Achieve energy saving effect. From the economic point of view, the double-layer ventilated curtain wall has a higher unit area cost and a larger initial investment, which is nearly double that of the traditional curtain wall. This is a problem that most architects and owners are concerned about, but from a long-term interest perspective, The benefits of energy saving will be more obvious. From a technical point of view, it is mainly the problem of fire prevention in the air channel, and various fire prevention methods and their effects need to be tested through practice. Double-layer ventilated curtain wall as an emerging technology product, its good environmental protection, energy-saving performance, and novel structure bring more changes to the exterior decoration of the building.



Sound insulation: The double-layer glass curtain wall reduces the impact of outdoor noise on the interior due to the shielding effect of the outer skin on the noise. It is especially suitable for buildings in the central area of ​​the city that are in a strong traffic noise environment. At the same time, the double-glazed curtain wall can still introduce natural ventilation in a strong noise environment, reducing building energy consumption.

Insulation: In winter, the presence of the outer curtain wall strengthens the insulation performance of the outer protective structure. The preheating of the air between the double-glazed curtain walls can effectively reduce the heat loss on the building surface. And because the temperature of the inner curtain wall is relatively high, it is conducive to indoor thermal comfort.

Ventilation and cooling at night: In the hot summer, the temperature inside the parasol building may be too high. The double-glazed curtain wall is not ventilated by direct opening, so it has a safety protection function. This allows the office building to use the cool air at night to cool the room through natural ventilation during the off-duty hours in summer nights.

The sun-shading shutters of the double-layer glass curtain wall are installed inside the mezzanine. Compared with the single-layer glass curtain wall hanging outside, this method is more conducive to protecting the shutters, especially some metal shutters with complex functions and expensive construction. The sun and rain will not only reduce Short service life will also affect its shading and reflection effects.

Due to the existence of the outer curtain wall, the wind pressure inside the building is reduced, and the heat makes it possible to ventilate some free windows in high-rise buildings. This alone can greatly reduce the energy consumption of mechanical ventilation in high-rise buildings. In the architectural design, the double-glazed curtain wall uses a large area of ​​glass, which enables the building to obtain high permeability.

Natural ventilation: A very important advantage of the double-glazed curtain wall is that it allows natural ventilation. Natural ventilation can not only reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning, but also help improve the comfort of the environment and enhance human health. The interlayer of the double-layer glass curtain wall can be used as a fire passage.

Energy saving: Because the double-glazed curtain wall improves the thermal insulation performance of the building, and the parasol can be naturally ventilated for a long time, the building can fully save energy and reduce energy consumption.


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